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Our Services

Improve your house inside and out; our services are designed to bring you satisfaction from your house when you look at it. Check out what we offer to enhance the look of your house.


Custom Homes

   Let Signature Enterprises manage your custom home build! From developing the blueprints to putting the final touches on a brand new house, we can help you bring your dream home to reality. Our company not only manages the whole project, but we also personally frame, install windows and doors, hang siding, trim out, install kitchen and more! We only use the best subcontractors for things like plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc. We invite your input through  100% of the process! Call Lyndon Rosenberry today to get your custom home started!


Want to enhance the look of your home quickly? Not only is new siding the cheapest, fastest way to make your home look brand new, but it also waterproofs your home from the elements! There are many many different options to pick from when it comes to siding, so call us today to look at samples and get your free estimate!


These are extensions to your existing space that can be used the way you like them, either as a storage or to make your space look tidy. A well-built porch also protects the deck or concrete it is built over. Let us build you a porch that will suit your needs.


Adding a deck as an extension to your home’s flooring can enhance its appearance while also serving as a cozy gathering spot for you and your loved ones. Contact us, and we will build you a safe and sturdy deck.

Windows & Doors

Looking to change your existing doors or windows? Or do you want a completely new set? We are here for you. Whatever your request is, our experts will ensure we meet your needs.


Our experts can build your shop or garage the way you like it, including pole barns. Contact us today, and we will provide the best solution. Contact us today, and we will provide the best solution.

Home Improvements

Want to improve the look of your house? Look no further; our team will come up with the best design solutions to enhance the look of your house.


Why choose a licensed & insured contractor?

Here at Signature Enterprises we are licensed & insured. It is important to choose a licensed and insured contractor for many reasons. Every house has it’s quirks and while we use all the safety precautions to prevent an accident, there is the chance it could happen. When using a licensed & insured contractor, you are protecting yourself and do not run the risk of your homeowners insurance being on the hook for the bill. Using an uninsured contractor opens you up to many costs during a worst case scenario.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes! We offer no obligation free estimates because we believe it is important to visit your home and put eyes on your project location. Being right here in the Shenandoah Valley, it’s easy for us to stop by and offer the free quotes.

Are you locally owned & operated?

Yes! Signature Enterprises was founded 8+ years ago by my father Curtis Rosenberry. We are not only local, but family run as well. We strive for the best quality at a reasonable price and treat our customers like family.

Do you source your construction materials locally?

Yes! We are a big supporter of our local community. Being family owned & operated, we love to support other family owned & operated businesses – to help strengthen the Shenandoah Valley area.

What cities do you work in?

We cover the entire northern Shenandoah Valley including Winchester, Front Royal, Strasburg, Cross Junction, Gore, Berryville, and Clear Brook. We will travel up to a 50 mile radius of Winchester which is our location base.

Are you a Christian company?

Absolutely! We strive to honor Christ in our business transactions from day to day! We will always treat everyone fairly, and be 100% honest with every single transaction.